Main Event/WWE Network question.

Now that the entire point of the WWE product is to sell the Network, shouldn't Main Event be the main weekly show for WWE? Shouldn't WWE be promoting it as a 1-hour weekly PPV? What difference would it make if they had Orton v. Kane v. Cena v. Reigns for the WWE Title on Main Event rather than at Battleground?

Honestly, man, it's the Wild West with the Network and even they don't really know what their business model is at this point.  PPV is dying and they're actively trying to kill it off even further, but Main Event remains a throwaway show where nothing of consequence occurs.  My guess would be that USA would sue them into the Stone Age if they started putting all the emphasis on their in-house show after signing the big fat deal for RAW.  I really hope they figure out what they are soon, either way.