Monday Night Open Mic

Yay my two favorite men are home! Been a long weekend and thanks to these evening threads for keeping me entertained.

Needless to say I’m going to be spending much of the evening wrapping and putting all this fish they caught in the freezer so no fun for me :(. If anyone wants grouper or red snapper fillets and knows how to get to my house, you can have some because we have at least six months worth.

Tonight we’ve got a new episode of RAW

MLB Baseball on ESPN

LeBron updates!

Probably some World Cup preview stuff.

The 90’s documentary is on the National Geographic Channel and that looks kind of interesting.

Otherwise my only thoughts on the cutbacks are that it’s probably preemptive and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them move Smackdown tapings to Monday before RAW once this cycle of dates is done or tape two Smackdown shows in one night and stop running a live Superstars or Main Event….whichever one is live.

Or tape Main Event and Superstars before RAW and tape two Smackdowns on Tuesday….Whatever it is it’ll likely be accomplished by changing the Smackdown schedule in some way.

Anyway enjoy the shows and come out swinging but try to keep it clean!