QOTD #15: Ill Conceived Heel Turns

Happy long weekend BoD! All is right with the world; Joey
Chestnut reigns supreme, and the Cubs waved the white flag.
Today’s Question:
What was the most
ill-conceived heel turn you ever saw?
Answers tomorrow. If you want to head over to the
discussion, just scroll to the end of this column, or hit “Comments” at the

Yesterday, I asked you about your favorite 4th of
July traditions. These are things that are specific to you; and as a result I’m
not going to comment, but rather share some of the variety of answers you
brought to the blog.
SodiePop: Used to be the entire family going to a
family friend’s house on the lake (pretty well-off folks) and going boating,
tubing and grill out. Nothing beat that. That family ended up breaking up,
everyone sort of went their separate ways about 10 years ago and the tradition
died. I still miss the hell out of those days, and ever since then the 4th
hasn’t been the same. I still struggle to find BBQs and parties to attend every
year, sadly.
BooBoo1782: Now, my favorite Fourth tradition is the
Boston Pops concert at the Hatch Shell. I’ve gone twice and caught the tail end
of a third (the one with David Lee Roth) from Storrow Drive), and had a
blast…also enjoy watching on TV when I can’t go to Boston.
When I was a kid, the people on my block
would blow up old appliances (tvs, stereos, etc.) Those were the good ole days
parallax1978: Playing a game of Civilization 4 as George
Washington, watching a documentary from History Channel on the revolution, and
then watching Independence Day the movie.
Everyone knows that July 1st is really
where it’s at, but this year I decided in honour of you murican’s that I’d go
out and get half plastered on the company dime. You’re welcome, we can
definitely talk about making this a tradition.
daveschlet: Mine is watching War Games 1, from July 4,
1987. I watch it every 4th of July. One of my favorite matches ever and easily
And finally, the winner of the comment of the day because
this just sound so bloody awesome…
jobber123: My favorite 4th of July tradition is going
out drinking on Newport ave in ocean beach and then watching the fireworks on
the beach…and then taking part in the annual marshmallow fight. Once the fire
works start THOUSANDS of people start throwing marshmallows at each other. I
remember the first year I was just randomly there and I was fucking blown away
by what was happening. Been back for every year since, I’ll be there tonight!
Sometimes I just like to hangout and watch it and if you aren’t throwing them
no one will throw them at you…unless your perched up on one of the rocks to
watch the fireworks. The you get smoked either way. The first time I went there
was this wicked young couple probably like 18/19 year old kids up on a rock
kissing under the fireworks and when it the marshmallows came out they got the
full on assault.
My neighborhood absolutely needs to adopt this. Mallowing
the hell out of unsuspecting newbs would make my year, and the fact that all
ages can get involved makes this all the better. One condition however; they
MUST be cleaned up before the morning, because holy hell the bugs!

Thanks for stopping in. As always, I’ll catch
you tomorrow, same BoD time, same BoD place.