KENTA – New IC Champion?!?!?!

Could it happen?

KENTA is due to sign for WWE in early July (if not already a done deal), its due to be announced in Osaka, Japan on 12th July, WWE Battleground happens on 20th July.

Do you think WWE will put KENTA into the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal as a special surprise entrant, and he'll win the whole damn thing?

Make a lot of the press conference, get a top notch, hoghly produced highlight package (which we know they can do) out on Raw on 14th, Main Event on 15th and SmackDown on 18th July, and bang your new IC Champion?

Leave him in the ring with those that can go with him, a final four of Cesaro, RVD and Kofi or Ziggler, have him eliminate a few in the match and get rid of the final 3 to win it.

Way to make a star?

I think you misspelled "spend the next year or so in NXT".