BoD Daily Update

Update on Emma’s Shoplifting Case

According to Emma’s attorney, her client accidentally forgot to scan an iPod case valued at $20 while at the self-checkout counter. From speaking with people in the WWE, Bryan Alvarez of got the feeling that the case will be largely forgotten about.

WWE Hall of Famer to Appear on RAW and Smackdown This Week

Bret Hart will appear on RAW in Montreal and in Ottawa for Smackdown this week.

Original Plans for Slammiversary

Before his knee injury, MVP was booked to win the Heavyweight Title from Eric Young

WWE Performer Says His In-Ring Career is “Definitely Winding Down.”

Santino told Newsday during an interview about the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign that he is now one of the older guys in the locker room and  how he can stay out of the ring yet remain on TV by performing in other roles.