The current crappy status quo in the WWE

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From: Jesse Baker 

Just curious; why the hell have the WWE not tried to salvage what they can out of Bryan's injury/forced to give up the belt, by coming up with some sort of quick fix type thing to end the Authority storyline once and for all and allow them to move forward with the Shield as the main focus?

Say, have Bryan at last month's PPV lure Steph and HHH out to the parking lot to get his answer about being forced to give up the belt after Steph/HHH had Kane injure Bryan only for Bryan and his wife run the two down like dogs?

Steph and HHH get their comeuppence and have the injuries to justify their removal from TV. And then have, on the next night's Raw, have Vince come out and take over as the authority figure who states outright that HHH and Steph are gone until further notice AND have Vince strip Bryan of the belts as punishment for attempted vehicular homicide while at the same time acknowledging that HHH and Steph ran things into the ground and f----- thins up so badly, Vince had to come back and clean up their mess?

That way, you can then set up Vince convincing Seth Rollins to turn heel (say, he was Vince's personal mole in the Shield), have Vince fire Batista in humiliating fashion (to set up his return to promote GOTG since you then have the angle of Batista coming back to get revenge on Vince), and have Orton hook up with Paul Heyman because, why not have Heyman have a guy under him who is not a lazy f--- (Brock Lesner) or boring as hell (Cesero) and can get s--- done. Let alone the angle of Heyman "saving" Orton resurrecting his career after HHH spent nearly a year castrating Orton. 

Stock would literally triple overnight if that plan was implemented.  It would destroy Wall Street and I wouldn't want that on my head.