QOTD #10: Your favorite title change

On the heels of an utterly forgettable Money in the Bank
pay-per-view where John Cena claimed his 15th World Title in
unspectacular fashion, I ask you:
Today’s Question:
What was your favorite
all-time World Title change in North American history?
Answers tomorrow. If you want to skip yesterday’s Money in
the Bank discussion then please click on comments or scroll right to the end.

Kyle Fitta: I’m expecting it to be the best PPV ever on
June 29th 2014.
Now there’s a man not afraid to lay it all on the line. I
recommend you scoot over to your nearest casino and put everything down on red.
And black. And 0.
ts14: My prediction? Pain.
What did you say Paper Champion? I’ll beat you like a dog, a
dog you fool!
RosAlGhulScoe: I expect that WWE is kind of painted in the
corner with the main event and with Brock being the next big challenger. I
think the ideal winner to tonight’s match would be Bray or Reigns, but it’s a
waste to give either of them the title just to transition to Brock and I doubt
they let Brock end the streak just to lose his follow up match. I’m assuming
the year-long story is Brock beating Taker, winning the title and then main
eventing next year’s Mania. Because of that, the only real solution is putting
it on Cena to give the most name value in Brock vs Champ match and also put the
title on someone who won’t be impacted at all by a short title reign.
Mister_E_SeesTheLineInTheSand: I’d like Cena to win the title just because
he can drop it back to Brock without losing any cred. Anyone that wins their
first title tonight only to get smoked by Brock in a month will be damaged
goods unless they really have a strong and compelling plan in place for them. Plus
it would tie in to the earlier Cena/Lesnar match and set up the eventual rubber
match. Best choice all around says I.
I never thought I’d be going into a WWE
pay-per-view hoping that Cena wins the title since I hate the thought of seeing
either Kane or Orton win the belt as I’ve heard many people speculate about.
The part that worries me the most from what I’ve read online is the rumour that
WWE want to swerve the fans due to that Summerslam poster being leaked
revealing the main event of Lesnar/Cena II. That’s just completely retarded on
their part because their response to this really should be looking into
preventing information from leaking out online as opposed to changing the
finish to the main event.
It’s definitely the right direction. It’s always fun to see
a new winner anointed, but the time isn’t right. The only issue here is that we’re
looking at a good year before we’re in line for any of the new blood, with
Brock pencilled in through Mania, and then either Bryan or presumably Reigns as
a back-up plan taking the ball from there.
Knuckleberry Pinn:
One thing (of many) that sets ppvs of
today apart from ppvs of years ago is just how overproduced things are. When
things are calculated to a tee, you lose the “Raw” (heh) feeling that
often makes a show great. I bet tonight for the MITB and title ladder matches
we will see ladders decorate the aisle, ladders plastered on the same HD set
that they use for every ppv, and some of the most contrived spots you’ll see
all year. You’ll probably hear Michael Cole say “wait, Sheamus is back up!
The 6’5, 260 pounder who has never won a MITB match before makes his way back
into the ring!” You’ll hear that Justin announcer (and it’s telling that I
don’t know his last name off hand) yell “SSSSJJJJJJJEEAANNN
CEEEEEEEEEEEENA!” And you know what, everything being micro-managed will
almost guarantee the ppv won’t be bad. TLC this past December was the first ppv
in ages that I thought wasn’t great, and even then it was ok. But, we won’t get
an over the top pay per view without letting things happen organically. We got
MITB 2011 as the last time the company strayed from it’s comfort zone in the
slightest, and look how great that turned out to be. Sometimes, you just need a
boring old survivor series ’02 set for a cozy feel, you need to let a ladder
leg bend and let the wrestlers figure out how to deal with it, you need cheesy
swinging hooks because, dammit, the show is called BACKLASH. So, my expectation
is a good ppv, but not a memorable one.
dynamic_dave: I’m expecting a thousand quick camera cuts
during the ladder matches, leading to seizures and a more intense dislike of
Kevin Dunn.
They couldn’t quite figure out the angle they wanted when
Randy Orton’s bare ass was on display. They were cutting all over the place
trying to decide what the hell to do – easily one of the highlights of the
match for me.
 Witlon: My biggest
expectation for the night: Jack Swagger will injure another internet favorite.
Will you accept Randy Orton getting his head split open and
eating a Sister Abigail instead?
Curtis Williams: As long as Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins come
out of the PPV strong, everything else is icing on the cake.
They made damn sure to protect all 3; the rocket up the ass
continues. I really have no idea how on earth they’re going to fit all 3 into
the main event scene, but it’s a good problem to have.
Thanks to everyone who participated. That’s it for today –
enjoy the Money In The Bank fall out, and I’ll see you back again tomorrow.