Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well another Network special is in the books and…well if that didn’t make you miss MitB 2013 I don’t know what will. I kind of felt bad for the participants in the main event match last night because they were thrown out there in a match that had no heat. Just the simple action of Ambrose rushing Rollins in the first MitB match gave it that edge that it needed for people to care.

Instead with the second one, the announcers were trying to work in some sort of Reigns-Orton thing but there was nothing to it really. The other guys were just there to be there and even Cena couldn’t bring himself to care about another run with a title he probably doesn’t want anything to do with right now. Normally seeing Orton bleed like a stuck pig is enough to salvage a match but not last night.

Oh well, we just have to accept that right now the promotion is going through a bit of a cold spell. It was bound to go downhill a little after Wrestlemania and we were lucky to have a pretty hot Shield-Evolution program to carry us through. But you know…Vince had to be Vince…Now hopefully Rollins-Ambrose and the build to Brock-Cena II can carry us through this one.

We got Raw

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Other random stuff.

Enjoy whatever it is you like, keep the comments flowing and keep them clean. #CENAWINSLOL