Smackdown – June 27, 2014

Date: June
27, 2014
CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
It’s the
final show before the Money in the Bank pay per view so odds are
we’re going to see various matches between the participants in the
two ladder matches. The build for the show has been acceptable but
nothing thrilling for the last few weeks. Then again, a good
wrestling show is always entertaining. Let’s get to it.

We open with
a recap of how we reached the World Title ladder match, complete with
a music video.
Here are HHH,
Orton and Rollins to get things going. HHH talks about all the eras
we’ve seen in WWE history and says we’re currently in the Authority
Era because the Authority keeps making history. One way they’re
making history is by having the first Money in the Bank ladder match
for the WWE Championship and to be the new face of the WWE.
But wait,
there’s more. There’s also going to be a ladder match to become the
new Mr. Money in the Bank. After Sunday, you’re looking at one heck
of a team in front of you. Orton promises to climb the ladder and
become World Champion on Sunday, meaning he’s still the face of the
WWE. Rollins says he’ll win as well but says there’s a chance that
Orton can’t get the job done. Orton thinks Rollins might not win
either, but HHH cuts them off, saying it’s either survive against the
Authority or thrive with the Authority. That brings him to Dean
Ambrose, who is in for some Bad News tonight.
Bad News
Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose
They circle each other to start until Dean hits the Thesz Press and
pounds Barrett out to the floor. Back in and Barrett hits a big boot
to take over followed by a neckbreaker for two. Barrett hits his
running boot while Ambrose is in the ropes and Dean is knocked to the
floor again. We take a break and come back with Dean caught in a
chinlock before he quickly fights out and nails some forearms.
Barrett runs into a corner elbow but is still able to counter a
tornado DDT. Ambrose escapes a pumphandle slam and hits his bouncing
clothesline, setting up Dirty Deeds for the pin at 6:45.
C+. It
wasn’t quite the Ziggler match on Monday but this was still better
than most matches you get in WWE anymore. They’re actually having a
competitive midcard again and it’s really nice to see for a change.
Dean getting a clean win is a good thing, though I wish it had been
against another opponent.
match Swagger comes out and beats up Barrett in retaliation for
Barrett hitting the Bull Hammer on Main Event. Ambrose jumps Swagger
and pulls out a ladder but they wind up brawling without it. Dean
starts getting the better of it but Rollins comes in through the
crowd and sends Dean into the steps. A curb stomp leaves Ambrose
vs. Paige
Naomi sits in on commentary. Paige
runs her into the corner to start but gets caught with something
resembling a Codebreaker for two. Cameron puts on a headscissors as
Naomi says Cameron is always talking. A quick Paige Turner gets the
pin at 1:17.
and Naomi have a friendly staredown after the match but Cameron jumps
the champion again, knocking her into Naomi. Naomi and Paige are
about to fight but cooler heads prevail.
Wyatts pop up on screen with Harper talking about never having nice
things but the Usos have what they want. Tick tock tick tock. Bray
says his brothers will trample the Usos and a ladder will be his
stairway. He’ll take their ornament of power and have it all right
in his hands. Imagine a nation of sheep led by a lone wolf.
Bray Wyatt
vs. Sheamus
Sheamus hammers away in the corner to start and runs Bray over with a
shoulder before stopping a charging Wyatt with feet in the corner.
The top rope shoulder looks to set up the forearms but Bray bails to
the outside. The Family offers a distraction, allowing Bray to knock
Sheamus off the apron as we take a break. Back with the Usos at
ringside and Bray getting two off something we didn’t see.
fights out of a superplex attempt but gets punched off the top rope
to the floor. Back in and Bray fires off headbutts in the corner
before we hit the chinlock. Sheamus comes out with a running ax
handle to the face followed by the forearms. Some more ax handles
set up the powerslam but Bray nails a quick splash in the corner
followed by the backsplash for two. A mostly botched Irish Curse
sets up a top rope knee drop but Sheamus doesn’t cover. Instead he
puts on the Cloverleaf, drawing in the Family for the DQ at 8:35
shown of 12:05.
C-. Basic power brawl here with
Sheamus getting in more offense than I was expecting. Bray’s chances
of winning on Sunday fall further and further every week, which is a
shame as he’s the most interesting guy in the match when he isn’t
being jobbed out time and time again.
Usos immediately come in and the Family is sent running.
and Stardust accept Ryback/Axel’s challenge for Sunday. Stardust
shows up and talks about staring into the sun and how terrifyingly
beautiful it is. He talks about other stars but knows that he’s
everyone’s favorite. Cody is nailing this so far.
Van Dam/Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro/Alberto Del Rio
is on commentary as Del Rio and Van Dam get things going. A quick
monkey flip sends Del Rio flying for two and it’s off to Ziggler for
the big elbow drop. Del Rio throws him down though and brings in
Cesaro to work on Dolph’s arm. Back to Alberto for a kick to the arm
in the corner as Heyman breaks down the strategy for Sunday: “Climb
the ladder and get the titles. What a stupid question!”
hammers away in the corner and nails a neckbreaker as Heyman turns it
into an analogy about asking Hilary Clinton how she’ll become
President. Cole of course gets in a jab at Hilary because that’s
probably what Cole told him to say. Del Rio kicks Ziggler out to the
floor and us to a break. Back
with Del Rio holding Ziggler in a chinlock followed by the
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Cesaro
puts on a chinlock of his own as Cole and Heyman continue their
amusing banter about Sunday.
fights back and puts on a sleeper but Cesaro rams him into the buckle
to escape. Dolph avoids a charge and makes the hot tag to Rob as
house is cleaned. Rolling Thunder gets two on Alberto but he nails a
Codebreaker to the arm. Rob avoids the corner enziguri and hits the
split legged moonsault for two. Swiss Death lays Ziggler out and Rob
kicks Cesaro to the floor. The Five Star hits knees though and the
armbreaker gives Del Rio the submission at 10:00.
Rating: C.
Totally standard and therefore fine upper midcard tag match here
which did what it was supposed to do before Sunday. I doubt any of
them have a chance at winning on Sunday but it’s nice to see WWE give
them some lip service. Also Van Dam continues to job to anyone he
can find like he should be doing.
Usos talk very fast about keeping the titles on Sunday. They can cut
some energetic
and Rusev do their thing in the ring, consists of standing there
looking intimidating and looking great in a blue suit. You figure
out which is which. The
theme this week is urban decay in America, which just doesn’t happen
in Russia.
vs. Sin Cara
Total squash
of course with Rusev winning via the Accolde in 42 seconds.
Big E. comes
out after the match and talks about how America has transformed into
a nation that works hard to keep things together. A real man looks
his opponent in his eye which is what Big E. does here, but Lana
makes Rusev back off. I’d buy this feud a bit more if Rusev hadn’t
destroyed Big E. in almost every encounter they’ve had.
We look at
the Stephanie vs. Vickie angle from Raw. That’s a great sendoff for
Vickie and Stephanie’s YOU’RE FIRED sounded so much like her dad’s it
was eerie.
Big E. vs.
Rusev and Layla vs. Summer Rae with Fandango as guest referee have
been added to the MITB card.
Reigns vs. Kane
Feeling out
process to start until Reigns gets two off a running shoulder. A
slam gets the same but Reigns lowers his head and gets caught by a
running DDT for two. We take a break and come back with Reigns in a
chinlock but quickly breaking out. Kane walks into a Samoan drop but
he kicks Roman in the face to take over.
The side slam
gets two and a frustrated Kane sends him out to the floor. He loads
up the announcers’ table but Reigns drives him back first into the
edge. Back inside now with Reigns nailing a clothesline followed by
some headbutts. The apron kick sets up the Superman Punch but Orton
comes out for the DQ at 4:52 shown of 8:22.
D+. It’s a decent power brawl
but it didn’t have the chance to go anywhere. As I’ve said for a few
weeks now though, Reigns is looking more like an even footing star
every night and it’s getting easy to accept. Reigns
beat Kane up here for a lot of the match and was never in any serious
trouble. That’s a really interesting sign.
takes the Superman Punch but Reigns walks into a chokeslam. Kane
brings in a ladder but Orton isn’t too keen on him climbing up. Kane
steps to the side as Orton looks up, allowing him to climb the
ladder. JBL is putting the pieces together as Orton takes the belts
down (note that they’re attacked to a kind of hanger and Orton took
the hanger down, making it less likely that someone would only take
one belt) and poses. Orton loads up the Punt on Reigns but gets
speared. Kane takes one as well and Reigns holds up the titles to
end the show.
C+. This
show did a much better job of what it was supposed to do as Sunday
now feels a bit more interesting. On top of that, there are now
three more matches on the card, which solves one of the show’s
biggest problems. This was no masterpiece or anything but it was an
easy way to spend two hours.
Dean Ambrose
b. Bad News Barrett – Dirty Deeds
Paige b.
Cameron – Paige Turner
Sheamus b.
Bray Wyatt via DQ when the Wyatt Family interfered
Alberto Del
Rio/Cesaro b. Rob Van Dam/Dolph Ziggler – Cross armbreaker to Van
Rusev b. Sin
Cara – Accolade
Roman Reigns
b. Kane via DQ when Randy Orton interfered
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