MiTB Lightning Round

1) Best MITB Match
Dude, I barely even watched the product from 2005-2011, I can hardly even remember who WON most of the matches.  I recall the original with Benoit and Jericho being pretty awesome, so we’ll go with that one.  2) Worst MITB Match
Again, I just don’t remember enough of them to distinguish them.  I wasn’t a big fan of the four-man one that Cena won, so we’ll go with that one.  3) Best performance in an MITB match Shelton Benjamin in his various attempts.
4) Best spot in an MITB Match
I recall some crazy spectacular ones at WM24. 5) MITB – better as a separate PPV or at WM
Wrestlemania.  Really justifies the bloated nature of the match and gives a bunch of guys a good payday and spotlight.  6) Worst MITB winner
Damien Sandow by giant measures of length.  If you want to limit it to guys who were supposed to made into big stars off it, then Jack Swagger.  7) Ideal # of competitors
7 seems like a fair number. 8) Best cash-in
Ziggler.  Right place, right time.  9) Your prediction for Sunday’s contract match
Ambrose carrying the case around like a crazy man and threatening to fuck up every World title match from now to Wrestlemania would be ingenious but I think Rollins is the most likely.  Love your Sporting News articles! Thanks!  Look for a MITB wrap-up article on Monday!