Ambrose vs Rollins Feud

Hey Scott, I wanted to get your thoughts on the current Ambrose vs Rollins feud.  To me it's one of the best booked angles in a long time.  It is so simple too.  Rollins turns on Ambrose and Ambrose wants revenge.  It feels like a legit blood/hate feud and it is so refreshing to see such a seriously booked angle.  Look no further than Ambrose's run ins during Rollins' matches.  He's in his street clothes and he doesn't wait for his music to cue(I always thought that was stupid.  If you want to sneak attack someone, why would you want your music to play in the arena?), it's little things like that, that have me enjoying this angle so much.  This actually frustrates me a little cause I have been watching this and I'm wondering why can't they book more angles like this.  Like you said, they know how to book someone strong(Reigns) and they know how to book a solid angle(like this one) but they just choose not too.  Your thoughts?  

​Well Ambrose is certainly a guy who gets it, although I still don't understand the reasoning behind just breaking up the Shield and then trying to retroactively create storylines for the guys later.  Now hopefully they don't beat the feud into the ground like they usually do.  I think Ambrose seems different because he was allowed to develop on his own before coming into the WWE system, and takes his influences from guys like Dick Slater and Jake Roberts, who weren't part of the modern system either.  Sometimes different is good.  ​