QOTD #6: Your Favorite RAW

Happy Thursday, BoD Nation!
Today’s Question:
After 1100 episodes of RAW,
which one is your favorite of all time?
Answers tomorrow. Read on to see the discussion from
yesterday, or scroll to the bottom to start today.

Yesterday, we went off-topic, asking what your favorite
discontinued childhood food was. Overwhelmingly, with nearly 400 votes, Dave
Scherer was the overwhelming favorite. It initially popped up all over the
place as a rival to Spam, but was removed from the market years ago as humans
couldn’t digest it; truly it was a product best left for the dogs.
Let’s get to the rest of your answers. It should come as
absolutely no surprise that nearly everyone involved are children of the late
80’s, early 90’s.
I used to have quite the taste for teen
girls back in those years.
Now unavailable.
That didn’t take long.
Adam “Colorado”
Sharkelberry Fin Kool-Aid. For
I know they might still make it. Fun fact: if you mix grape Kool-Aid with dry
gin it tastes like grass.
Oh my god, I had completely forgotten about the Sharkleberry
Fin Kool-Aid. We used to devour that in the summertime. I can remember having a
giant collection of Kool-Aid points (hell if I can remember what they were
for), made up entirely of packets of Sharkleberry Fin and Berry Blue.
Chris Hirsch: Surge!!!!
You and Tony Schiavone both.
Crystal Pepsi. I haaaaate Sprite and
loved this.
You were the first of several BoD posters to mention this. I
can still hear the Van Halen “Right Now” campaign, which featured a bunch of
facts like “Computers still can’t laugh” while barrel chested men enjoyed their
new healthy soda (it looks like water!). I blew my $2 allowance on a 12-pack of
this on more than one occasion.
Extant1979: It seems impossible to find the old Hostess
Chocolate Pies. Everywhere I turn, I see the fruit-filled ones, but not the
chocolate goodness I remember as a child. Very discouraging. I used to love
those things (which is always part of the reason why I was such a chubby
It might be the part of the country you’re from, because I
have seen these in multiple spots throughout the US when I’ve travelled. I have
never ventured to try; but I may send my wife after one the next time we’re
visiting and she’s having a choc-attack.
Real, honest to goodness, Bill Cosby
advertised, Pudding Pops. Especially the veriety pack that had Milk Chocolate,
Vanilla, and Blended options, just like an interracial family.
I remember the Cosby commercial where he eats the Pudding
pop with his right hand while the left is free to do whatever it pleased. It’s
probably for the best that they didn’t look to fellow child entertainer, Paul Reubens,
to do this bit.
Ray Is A Nerd: Smurfberry Crunch. It was fun to eat. A very
smurfy breakfast treat. Seriously, I don’t think I’d eat it today, because I
don’t want to die, but damn that was a tasty cereal.
Yeah, I’ve gone from “I’ll have what the CARTOONS are having
please!” to “hold the cheese, I’m watching my triglycerides” in less than 30
years of food decision making. Wait, this is starting to depress me. Let’s get
back to the comfort food.
PrimeTimeTen: Skittles where green was lime. F--- you and
your green apple, Skittles.
I hadn’t had Skittles in so long that I’m only Googling this
now – and am outraged my kids are going to live in a Limeless Skittles world.
This literally has changed the entire fabric of my recesses where I would trade
the red ones for the green ones. It was probably a losing proposition but I
LOVED the green ones. NOT COOL SKITTLES.
riraho: Kraft’s Tomato & Bacon salad dressing.
On salad, on just sliced cucumbers, on sliced tomatoes. That was tasty.
Get your health food out of my thread.
Beardmoney: I miss Texas Grill Fritos. The Honey
Barbecue flavor was really good. I think it’s the same flavor used for the
corkscrew Fritos, but won’t eat those because the shape is too aggressive. I’m
convinced one will jam right through the roof of my mouth and stab me in the
brain. I love Mitch Hedberg for actually doing a bit about Texas Grills.

dwaters: Hi-C Ecto-Cooler with Slimer from
Ghostbusters on the front. Loved to drink it straight from the metal can, it
made it colder and better somehow.
This was brought up time and again throughout the thread. The
mutant spawn of the Real Ghostbusters, Slimer’s mucus clogged up the drink
aisle for years after Peter Venkman had ceased being relevant. I’m fairly sure
every single member of my Grade 2 class had one of these packed in their lunch
boxes daily; lest they face the shame of being a slimeless loser.
BooBoo1782: How has no one in THIS crowd mentioned WWF
Ice Cream Bars yet? Admittedly, they weren’t that good – on taste alone, I
would have gone with a standard ice cream sandwich or a Chocolate Eclair bar –
but still, they were fun. To this day, when I pass an ice cream truck, I look
to see if they’ve made a comeback.
Well, WCW1987 actually brought it up first, but you between
the World Cup and Dave Scherer I can see where you missed it. Honestly, it’s
probably for the best they’re gone, horrified parents don’t need to hear their
kids discussing the fact they just swallowed Andre the Giant.
kbjone: Libby’s Potted Meat. They apparently
discontinued it a couple years back, and that made me sad. That on unsalted top
crackers, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup, was a pretty big part of my
If there is finer eating than mechanically separated chicken,
salt, and fat, then I’d like to hear it. We used to do the same; though with canned
pate which I believe is similar. Good choice.
Brian McGrath: The line of chips that Keebler had in the
late ’80s was tits and I google them every now and then to see if someone
picked up their recipes: O’Boisie’s, Ripplins, Pizzerias. Tato skins got bought
by another company. Apparently, O’Boisie’s were bought by Poore Bros. snacks,
and subsequently by Inventure Foods a few years back, but discontinued. Maybe
because they were only available locally and in Dollar Tree? Bastards.
I would have killed for a pepperoni pizza style potato chip
as a kid. Stupid Canada, always behind the curve!
Peter Greyy: Chef Boyardee Rollercoasters were the best.
Then they were gone. Managed to get hold of a case of the stuff, after it was
discontinued. Tried my best to make that stuff last as long as possible. Waited
too long. Last bite I ever had of the stuff was like Guerrero coffee. Miss it.
Honestly, there’s no point in rationing your favorite stuff.
I’ve made this mistake as well (Jones holiday Cranberry soda in 2004) – and it
wound up developing a strange white layer along the sides. I didn’t dare chance
J.T Murphy: SNAPPLE.
You’ll need to be more clear. Earth, Fire, Rain, or Sun? YOU
Magoonie NOT Teddy
Arizona used to make these
coffee soda drinks that were really good. Haven’t seen them around for years
Pretty sure these have been rebranded as Every Coffee Based
Energy Drink on the Market. The brilliance is they can add the word “Energy”
and charge 3 times the price of Arizona. And please Magoonie, enjoy your dopamine.
a_wrestling_god: Kraft Noodle Classics Savory Chicken was the
s---, but it was discontinued.
Now you’ve got me thinking about instant refined
pasta meals, and I realize I haven’t seen the Hamburger
Helper Wagon Wheels since I was a kid. There are a hundred awful looking boxes
of shluck in the pasta aisle, they can’t make room for those?
jobber123: I wasn’t allowed to eat any kind of junk
food as a kid so I’m less nostalgic about this stuff than other people, however
one thing I did love when I was like 9 or 10 was drinking “Jolt” cola
and getting buzzed off the caffeine. I’ve looked around in gas stations and it
seems like they don’t sell it. I used to buy two at a time and pound them.
I haven’t seen them in ages either, but apparently they’re
still kicking under the name “Jolt Energy”. I used to drink these when I worked
the overnight shift at a radio station when I was 17 to keep myself awake long
enough to remember to play the commercials.
Aric Johnson
(copyright 2014):
I consider the
nacho cheese Doritos you used to get, that were BRIGHT NUCLEAR ORANGE and
stained everything you own, permanently, to be a different product than what is
sold as “Doritos” today.
And with the legalization of marijuana, this is probably for
the best.
Marv Cresto: When I was, like, 10 or 11 years old I could
rage through 3 or 4 McDonald’s Arch Deluxe burgers, I loved those damn things
for some reason. Then like every “This is our next Big Mac” it
disappeared within months. I’m sure if I had one now I’d vomit.
Let’s not get off topic, “if you ate this now, would you
vomit” is the topic of next week’s Wednesday thread.
Stranger In The Alps:
the McDLT – in a styrofoam box, with the
cool veggies on one side and the hot burger on the other!

This would have been a rock star if not for social issues like “the environment”
getting in the way of the incredible packaging. It looks like they’re trying it again with their new BLT
Quarter Pounder, but nothing will ever possibly top the hot staying hot, and
the cool staying cool, with a less follicly challenged Jason Alexander telling
us all about it.
And on the topic of McDonalds, that takes me to my pick. I
firmly believed I would see it pop up, and am amazed we got through the thread
without seeing it. I’m talking about the McPizza.
There’s very little on the McDonalds menu I haven’t enjoyed,
but the McPizza was my favorite as a teenager. Both the regular pepperoni, and
the bacon double cheeseburger were excellent. Apparently, the wait time for
these to cook was the reason it was dropped, which makes sense when you’re
running a restaurant based on speed, but I’d be happy to wait the 11 minutes to
have one of these available to me once a month.
Have a great day all, see you tomorrow.