Lightning Round: X v. Y

Good afternoon Mr. Keith, here is some  matchups I’m curious to have ever happened: Steamboat vs. Great Muta (WCW 89 most likely?) Seems likely but I can’t cite a specific match.  Ric Flair and/or Sting vs. Jushin Lyger (wcw early 90’s) Never that I know about. Bret Hart vs. Hulk Hogan in WWF Definitely not.  Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio in WCW, preferably with a Mask on Had to have happened either in WCW or Japan.  Dean Malenko vs. Kurt Angle (WWF Early 2000’s) Can’t see it happening.  Vader vs. Randy Savage singles match in WCW You’d think it would have, but I don’t recall it. It would have made sense for Vader to run through Hogan’s wacky little buddy, though.  Randy Savage vs. Mr. Perfect singles WWF I don’t think they ever crossed over at a point where their alignments would allow it.  Would have been a hell of a match, though.  And I know i’ve asked before, and your answer was no on them facing off, so can you also find it difficult to comprehend that the WWE never headlined a PPV with Michaels vs. the Rock sometime between 2002-2004!?!  Thank you and have a good day Rock apparently had heat with Michaels dating back to Shawn’s drug-addled days in the 90s when he would treat Rock like s---, so it was always shot down.