Vickie Guerrero

Now that Vickie Guerrero has ended her run with WWE, do you think that she is a hall of famer? I'd vote yes, as in my opinion she was the best heel non-wrestler since Vince McMahon. And when you think about where she started from that's pretty impressive. She started out as Eddie's widow who got a sympathy job (and who would want to boo Eddie's widow?), and was able to transform into a character who was so despised that more often than not you couldn't hear what she was saying due to the massive amounts of heel heat she was able to generate. 
WWE Hall of Fame?  Sure, why not?  For a real hall, not so much.  She was never in a position to draw and she was a terrible promo but happened to leverage that into nuclear heat.  She had a great career for the tools she was given, but let's not go crazy here.