Justin Credible

Hey Scott,

I was just listening to a Justin Credible shoot trailer. I know you used to consider him a factor in the Death of ECW but in  every other account of the company, he basically isn't even mentioned. With over a decade of hindsight, do you still believe ECW Non-JC would've lasted longer than it did. On a related note, why isn't JC more recognized than he is? He is a kinda-sorta Clique member and you'd think that'd be enough to get a mention every now and again, if not a job either training or as enhancement.
He was a factor in the company not getting any bigger with him on top, but I don't think anyone considers him important enough to kill a company.  It was 100% Spike TV killing the company.  As for why he didn't end up as a trainer or whatever, I get the feeling he doesn't have the right connections any longer.  It's not like he was super tight with anyone but Heyman.  I guess we'll have to watch the shoot interview to find out!