Smackdown – June 20, 2014

Date: June
20, 2014
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We’re in the
home stretch now for Money in the Bank as the WWE Title ladder
match’s lineup is set. However, there’s now a second ladder match
which was announced on Main Event. Seth Rollins is the only
confirmed name for the match with the rest being announced on Raw.
They’re really going to be stretched thin at the PPV as a result.
Let’s get to it.

We open with
a recap of Cena vs. Kane from Raw.
Here’s Cena
to get things going. He points out the titles above the ring and
gives us a ten second recap of the last nine months of the titles.
That brings us to Money in the Bank and it sounds like the start of a
bad joke. “A Mexican, an Irishman, a European, a Duck Dynasty
reject, a primadonna and Dudley Do-Right walk into a WWE ring.”
Cena says that’s where the comedy stops because he’ll be knocking all
of them out at Money in the Bank and taking his title back. So he’ll
be knocking himself out?
This brings
out Del Rio who says Cena needs to stop talking and start worrying.
He qualified first and then he’ll climb the ladder first. Sheamus
comes out and says people haven’t forgotten to be afraid of Del Rio.
People just don’t care about him at all. Sheamus will leave the PPV
as a double champion. Cue Cesaro with Heyman and the latter talking
about how Cesaro loves a match where it’s every man for himself
because only Cesaro has a full time strategist. I haven’t heard
Heyman talk this fast in a long time.
Next up is
Reigns with what sounds like new and slower music but it’s very
similar to the Shield’s song. He has trouble trusting people anymore
but now the only thing that matters are those titles. Reigns doesn’t
care who you think you are (looking at Cena), no one is going to stop
him. He and Cena stare each other down and John takes off his shirt
but Orton interrupts. Randy reminds everyone that he’s the face of
the WWE and Reigns is already on the ramp to brawl with Orton. They
fight up by the stage while the others brawl in the ring. Sheamus
and Cena clear the ring but don’t fight each other. This was fine.
Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston
Rollins has
new ring gear, including what look to be dark gray tights and no
shirt. Kofi says he wants in the ladder match in an inset interview
before we get going. Seth is quickly tripped down and splashed for
two before Kofi takes him into the corner for some right hands. Kofi
gets sent into the buckle and put in a chinlock about a minute into
the match. Back up and Kofi nails a quick cross body for two but
Trouble in Paradise hits the ropes. The buckle bomb and a good
looking curb stomp put Kofi away at 2:55.
Post match
Rollins gets on the mic and says he’ll win the briefcase. Ambrose
pops up on screen and says tonight might be the night he gets his
revenge on Rollins. If it’s not tonight, then it’s coming soon.
Rollins says that might be a good idea if Ambrose didn’t have to face
Kane. Dean: “Shut up.” Ambrose promises to take care of both
Rollins and Kane.
Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett
Ziggler wants another chance to be Mr. Money in the Bank. The bad
news of the week: everyone else’s chances at Money in the Bank are
like the US’s World Cup team: they might have some early success but
they’ll fall at the end. A quick dropkick puts Barrett down but he
sends Dolph into the corner and kicks him out to the floor. We take
an early break and come back with Ziggler fighting out of a chinlock
but getting kicked in the ribs to put him right back down.
Some knees to
the face set up the big boot in the ropes to put Ziggler on the
floor. Back in and JBL references the White Bronco and Roddy Piper
vs. Goldust at Wrestlemania XII. A jawbreaker puts Barrett down and
a running cross body does the same. That’s about it for Dolph’s
offense though as he walks into Winds of Change for two. The Bull
Hammer misses and Ziggler grabs a sunset flip for the pin at 4:08
shown of 7:38.
Rating: C.
Not enough time to go anywhere but they got in most of their
signature stuff. I’m not wild on the ending but it’s nice to see
Ziggler getting a clean win over a name. I’d assume both of them
will be in the ladder match, but this doesn’t put much confidence in
me for Barrett’s title reign.
walks into a Bull Hammer post match.
Rose vs. Titus O’Neil
sends him into the corner to start but gets rollup for the pin at 42
says ring the bell again and gets rolled up for another pin at 10
vs. Dean Ambrose
is on commentary. Ambrose’s
new ring gear is a white undershirt and jeans. It
actually suits him well. Ambrose charges at Kane to start but gets
sent face first into the buckle. Rollins dares Ambrose to come fight
him anywhere as Kane drives knees into the ribs. Dean
stops Kane with a boot to the face and a top rope dropkick puts Kane
down. A clothesline does the same and Ambrose hammers away in the
escapes a quick chokeslam attempt and gets two off a tornado DDT.
Rollins stands up and dares Dean to come fight him but Ambrose sends
Kane outside instead. Dean dives on him before going after Rollins,
only to walk into an uppercut from Kane. Back in and the chokeslam
is good for the pin at 3:34.
C-. This didn’t have time to
get anywhere but it was more about Ambrose vs. Rollins than anything
else. Seth as part of the Authority rather than Evolution works much
better as Orton is being phased out of the group anyway and Rollins
as the new star isn’t a bad idea at all. Ambrose vs. Rollins will be
one heck of a fight.
curb stomps Ambrose post match.
recap the opening segment.
E. vs. Jack Swagger
talks about Big E. taking a handout last week when Lana distracted
Swagger. Big E.’s music cuts him off and we’re ready to go. Swagger
takes out Big E.’s leg to start and clotheslines him out to the
floor. Back in and Big E. runs him over and the Big Ending gets the
pin at 47 seconds.
knocks on the Divas locker room door and tells Layla that they’re up.
She says she’ll be right there so Fandango turns around and sees
Summer Rae. Summer says she understands why Layla loves him but she
loves Fandango more. Summer kisses him and of course Layla comes out
and catches them, sending her back into the locker room in tears.
on the Special Olympics.
vs. Bo Dallas
comes out on his own but Summer runs out to dance with him. He isn’t
sure but Layla runs out to jump Summer. Fandango tries to break it
up but the girls get in the ring. Layla accidentally kicks Fandango
in the head and the girls run to the back. The Bodog gets the pin at
gets a pep talk post match.
Wyatts pop up on screen with Bray talking about a bunch of mice
running around chasing a piece of cheese. Bray is the snake entering
the maze and the monster ready to sink its jagged teeth into the
world. All he has to do is climb a ladder and take what is his to
bring us into the era of Wyatt. Can we please get the writers a
thesaurus for some new words other than era?
will be six other people in the briefcase ladder match to be
announced on Raw.
Reigns/Sheamus/John Cena vs. Randy Orton/Cesaro/Bray Wyatt/Alberto
Del Rio
and Cesaro get things going with the Irishman hammering away in the
corner. Cesaro takes him down to the mat before running away when
Sheamus gets back up. Off to Wyatt for a slugout with Sheamus with
the pale one nailing his running knee lift. Cesaro offers a
distraction and Bray takes over. Back to Cesaro who hammers away but
Sheamus says bring it on. Cesaro does just that but walks into a
powerslam anyway.
comes in for his bulldog, sending Cesaro off to Del Rio for a tag.
Alberto does about as well as Cesaro as he’s taken into the corner
without putting up any offense at all. Cena tags Sheamus back in and
Reigns looks annoyed that he didn’t get the tag. Del Rio gets
Sheamus into the corner for a tag off to Cesaro as the heels take
over. The Irish Curse out
of the corner sends Cesaro to the apron for the ten forearms to the
take a break and come back with Del Rio getting two on Sheamus off
what looked to be a suplex. A chinlock keeps Sheamus in trouble as
the fans want Roman. Sheamus shrugs it off and tags in Cena again to
work over the now legal Orton. Randy is knocked to the floor and we
get the seven man standoff followed by the seven man brawl. Orton
brings Cena back inside for the Elevated DDT and stares down Reigns.
Cena gets taken into the heel corner for some stomping before it’s
off to Bray for the running splash.
Rio hits the low superkick but misses a charge and falls out to the
floor. Cesaro throws him back inside for a fast tag to Orton who
powerslams Cena down with ease. Randy hammers away before it’s back
to Cesaro for more of the same. A
delayed vertical suplex gets two on John and we hit the chinlock.
Reigns looks like he’s about
to explode on the apron. The fact that Cole described it using the
exact same words frightens me a bit.
fights up and suplexs Cesaro down but Swiss Death prevents the tag.
Del Rio gets two off the corner enziguri but gets dropkicked out of
the air to put both guys down. He’s
right back up for another low superkick to stop the tag again though
and it’s back to Cesaro. A big right hand knocks Sheamus off the
apron but Cesaro is afraid to punch Reigns.
avoids a shot to the head and makes the tag to Reigns for the house
cleaning. Everything breaks down with Reigns hitting the apron
dropkick but getting sent into a forearm from Wyatt. Del Rio kicks
Roman in the ribs but the armbreaker is countered into the spear for
the pin at 16:03 shown of 19:33.
B-. Again Reigns is made to
look like a star and treated like a main event equal. I don’t think
he wins the title but it’s still too early for him to do that anyway.
This did what it was supposed to do and followed a solid tag team
formula to get there. Cesaro being afraid to fight Reigns was a
great visual too.
C+. This was another
show where most of the stuff went by so fast that it’s hard to grade
it. The stuff that did get time was good though, especially the
Money in the Bank build. I’m still not sure how they’re going to
fill in a card with fourteen people in two matches and four in another
but they’ve pulled off harder tricks before. Good building show
Seth Rollins
b. Kofi Kingston – Curb stomp
Dolph Ziggler
b. Bad News Barrett – Sunset flip
Adam Rose b.
Titus O’Neil – Rollup
Adam Rose b.
Titus O’Neil – Rollup
Kane b. Dean
Ambrose – Chokeslam
Big E. b.
Jack Swagger – Big Ending
Bo Dallas b.
Fandango – Bodog
Reigns/John Cena/Sheamus b. Cesaro/Alberto Del Rio/Randy Orton/Bray
Wyatt – Spear to Del Rio

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