HHH needs to stop putting people over (also, the letter B)

So I was going to say that HHH probably should stop putting people over given it seems like more of a curse than a blessing in the long run…

Bryan – injured, might be career-ending

Batista – left early, never the same
Benjamin – nowhere
Benoit – …

Then I realized…forget all about that.  *All of these guys wrestling last names start with the letter B*.  Is it possible that only people with a B+ last name are under the HHH curse?

Have I blown the lid off of this conspiracy?


​So wait, when he's referring to Bryan as a "B+ player", it's really secret code for "I'm going to put you over and thus destroy your career in the long run"?  
MIND BLOWN.  Someone needs to make a Buzzfeed list about this right now!  ​