Should records truly be broken?

What’s this? Rock Star Gary doesn’t blog about the current
WWE product. Hogwash! Blasphemy!

Oh, ye of little faith…

WWE Money in the Bank Special Event is June 29. The WWE
title is up for grabs in the main event. Fourteen-time World Champion John Cena
is involved and favored to win the strap. Oh, wait, if I’m going to discuss the
current WWE product I am mandated to call it a championship, right?

In spite of circumstances like dropping the NWA title to
Jack Veneno in the Dominican Republic back in 1982 and Carlos Colon in Puerto
Rico in 1983 Ric Flair is recognized as a sixteen-time World Champion. Think
what you want about the person behind the character, but in his day Ric Flair
was THE MAN.

While basic math dictates that Flair’s World title record
won’t be broken at the upcoming Special Event it is definitely being
threatened. Fifteen isn’t quite sixteen, right?

Fortunately John Cena is the poster boy for the WWE. His public
image remains phenomenal despite being involved in what some (Phil Mushnick)
consider low-brow entertainment. His contributions to the Make-A-Wish
Foundation help to prove what a selfless, honorable person John Cena truly is.
He’s a hero to children. Why not make him the king of the mountain?

Oh wait, that’s a TNA trophy. Wrong promotion, sorry.

In any case my issue with all of these World title victories
by Cena, Randy Orton, HHH, and Edge is that while they’re considered high-level
players in the WWE they are NOT legendary. Prior to Flair’s tenth title victory
in July 1993 Flair held a mystique that these WWE Superstars don’t.  And it’s that mystique that separates him and
his record from the rest of the crowd.

I’m keeping Hulk Hogan apart from this list as he is
legendary notwithstanding his twelve World titles.

Unfortunately since Cena has only been a member of the WWE
roster for twelve years it is inevitable that he will break the World title
record. Let’s just hope that when number seventeen rolls around that WWE will treat
it as one of the most historical events in professional wrestling sports
entertainment history.
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