Network Idea

Hey Scott,

Been catching up on alot of old clashes and NWA ppv's. I have to say with the lack of old weekly NWA programming available on the network it makes it sort of difficult to recall how all of these feuds came about due to alot of the ppvs back then not having a video package for every match on why two guys have a beef to begin with. My question is since WWE own the footage to these ppv wouldn't they also own the 30 minute countdown that aired before the ppv as a way to entice the viewer to buy if so do you ever see a scenario where that content is added to the network possibly as an option to watch before the ppv. Probably wishful thinking and I might be in the minority but I always thought those old school half hour countdowns were an awesome way to catch up on little things you may have missed.

​The problem seems to be that the people running the Network side of things are not wrestling fans and don't particularly seem to understand how wrestling fans think.  I've seen dozens of awesome suggestions like this one (like scheduling WCW Saturday night on, you know, Saturday nights) or running old episodes of Nitro against RAW on Monday nights to recreate the Wars.  
Maybe I'll do a column about how I would run the Network!  ​