Top 10 Most Overrated Video Games Ever

Here’s an interesting one that I came across, a list of the most overrated video games of all time, done by voting, rather than just some guy doing a 411/Bleacher Report top ten list:

For those not wanting to click on the link (it’s not in slideshow view), here’s the top 10:

1. Call of Duty
2. Halo
3. World of Warcraft
4. Angry Birds
5. Minecraft
6. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time
7. Halo 3
8. Grand Theft Auto 4
9. Final Fantasy X
10. TNA Impact (what?)

I would have put #6 and #8 at #1 and #2, respectively, and I can’t argue that any of the top 9 should be bounced, but TNA Impact at #10? I’ll admit I’ve never played it, but from everything I’ve heard it’s nothing special, I don’t recall people raving about it at the time.

Anyway, the link actually contains the top 100, and there’s some surprising picks on there. If nothing else, this is way more interesting than talking about soccer.