Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and those of you that are Fathers were treated well. I am blessed to have a wonderful father, father-in-law and husband that is the best dad to our wonderful son. To have those three men and that one young man in my life have made me the lucky one.

Obviously it’s been kind of a solemn week here in the BoD. As a Tampa Bay resident like Mark, I (unknowingly at the time) read about the accident and saw the news updates before the user was matched to the accident. I wish his family well and hope they are providing support for each other.

Off to the sports entertainment world. Am I alone in thinking there is a better than good chance that Daniel Bryan is done in wrestling? One thing my husband always told me about professional athletics, be it sports entertainment or the entertainment of sports, is that rarely does the athlete retire the sport, usually the sport retires the athlete.

Guys like John Elway, Ray Lewis…got to leave the game on their terms and winning championships. Shawn Michaels left wrestling on his terms with a great match. Steve Austin, not so much. Edge was forced out.

If rehab isn’t going like he wants at a certain point he has to look at his career and wonder what more is there to accomplish. From where he started he was able to main event the biggest card of the year and win the main event in front of 75,000 people. How can he top that? I hope he comes back but only if he’s 100% healthy. Otherwise I hope he saved well and can live comfortably with his wife so he can have the flexibility to make a choice.

I wanted to post this before USA-Ghana so tonight we’ve got:


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