Smackdown – June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014
Resch Center Arena, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the day of bad luck but things haven’t been that bad in WWE as of
late. The big story coming out of Monday is Daniel Bryan being
stripped of the WWE Title due to his neck injury, meaning the ladder
match at Money in the Bank is now for the title. Allegedly there’s
going to be a second ladder match announced for the traditional
briefcase, but if they don’t announce something by Monday I can’t
picture it happening. Let’s get to it.


Before we get started, I’m sorry to hear about Officer Farva.  I don’t spend a lot of time in the comments section but I chatted with him a few times and he seemed like a nice guy.  His family will be in my prayers.
open with a recap of HHH and Stephanie stripping Bryan of the title
before announcing the ladder match for the title.
Shield to open things up. Ambrose says it’s clear that the Authority
is trying to stack the deck against them. Well listen up kiddo:
they’re flipping the table over and coming for HHH’s throat. As for
his former business partner Seth Rollins, his business will be shut
down for good. Reigns says Orton better enjoy his vacation because
after Roman gets his hands on him, Orton will be on a permanent
vacation. Maybe one of them will be the next WWE Champion.
pops up on screen and says there are only a handful of spots in the
ladder match and he’s only got one slot available. Therefore, he
flips a coin and it’s Ambrose getting a qualifying match later
tonight. His opponent: Bray Wyatt. Also, the Wyatts and Reigns will
be banned from ringside, and Ambrose is banned from ringside for the
next match.
Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett
Roman takes him into the corner to start and gets two off a
floatover suplex. Barrett fights back with some forearms but gets
sent to the floor with a big clothesline as we take a break. Back
with Reigns fighting out of a chinlock but missing a charge into the
corner, allowing Barrett to hammer away even more. Reigns fights out
of another chinlock and hits a Samoan drop to get a breather. Some
clotheslines set up the running apron dropkick and Barrett is in
trouble. The Superman Punch connects but 3MB breaks up the spear for
the DQ at 8:25.
C. The match was pretty much
exactly what it was supposed to be and the ending makes perfect
sense. It’s also going to lead to a fitting final night for Mahal
and McIntyre as they’re about to be destroyed by Reigns. Also, see
how easy it is to protect a champion and avoid an unnecessary loss?
Why can’t they do that more often?
is thrown over the table, McIntyre is speared and Slater is speared
out of the air so Reigns can stand tall.
Rowan vs. Jey Uso
is the second round of singles matches after Jimmy beat Harper on
Main Event. Rowan charges to start but is quickly sent to the floor
for the big dive. Back in and Jey avoids a splash and hammers away
but is easily thrown off the middle rope. A modified side slam
(basically a Rock Bottom with the arm around Jey’s waist) gets the
pin for Rowan out of nowhere at 1:40.
Dallas vs. R-Truth
dances to Truth’s music for a funny visual. Truth does the pelvic
thrust to start and Bo isn’t sure what to make of it. Bo gets thrown
down again and is a bit flustered for the first time. He nails a
right hand and defends it by saying Truth attacked him. Some knees
to the face get two for Bo and it’s off to a cravate. Truth makes a
quick comeback with the gordbuster for two but Bo avoids the ax kick.
The Bodog makes Bo 7-0 at 2:57, which the announcers treat as
something that matters.
and Heyman say that Cesaro will be fighting tonight and win by
technical knockout when the referee has to stop the match.
vs. Cesaro
Cesaro takes him into the corner to start but Sheamus fights back
with right hands of his own. A kick to the face staggers Sheamus and
Cesaro keeps pounding away in the corner. Sheamus blocks a suplex
into one of his own though and the Irishman takes over. More big
right hands have Sheamus in trouble but he gets belly to backed to
change momentum again. Sheamus nails a Cactus Clothesline and we
take a break.
with Cesaro nailing another knee to the head, only to be sent to the
apron for the ten forearms. He’s able to fight out though, so
Sheamus just hits him in the face to send it back to the floor.
That’s fine with Cesaro as he pulls Sheamus off the apron and down
onto the floor. Back in again and Cesaro hits some double stomps for
two before bending Sheamus’ back around the ropes. More right hands
have Sheamus in trouble but he says bring it on. Cesoar keeps
hammering but gets sent back out to the floor.
in again and Sheamus hits his running knee lift to set up the ten
forearms and the Irish Curse for two. White Noise is countered into
Swiss Death for two but Sheamus still says bring it on. Cesaro hits
him with every strike he can, only to get ax handled to the face and
caught by the rolling fireman’s carry. Cesaro grabs the ropes to
avoid the powerslam and counters into a small package with the tights
for the pin at 14:40. That’s the same finish (minus the tights) from
B-. This was the usual good
match between these two but I’m getting a bit tired of seeing them
together. I do like the finish carrying over from the last match for
the sake of continuity and the lack of a last second Brogue Kick is
always a plus. It was entertaining too so it’s hard to really
complain about this one.
look back at the opening segment, Bray Wyatt talks about dreaming of
glory as a child. He dreamed of a nice house on a hill with a white
picket fence. He dreamed of happiness. Then he woke up and realized
he was still stuck in this rotten world just like the rest of it.
Abigail heard and told him that he would achieve everything he
dreamed of and more. They will chant his name and bow down to him,
and that’s the predicament he’s in now. Above that ladder lies his
happy anding and his power. Unfortunately for Dean Ambrose, he
stands in Bray’s way and will burn. Follow the buzzards.
Main Event, Layla poured kitty litter and milk on Summer Rae to even
the score from Monday.
Rose vs. Fandango
avoids a jump in the corner and gives Fandango a spank. The dancer
takes him down and gets two off a suplex, only to have Rose roll away
before Fandango can try the guillotine legdrop. Party Foul gets the
pin at 1:45.
match Rose’s chicken gets in the ring and removes it’s beak to reveal
Summer Rae. The catfight is on until Fandango saves his chick.
Summer is actually working in this role.
Swagger vs. Big E.
quickly sends Big E. out to the floor and takes his head off with a
clothesline. Back in and Swagger pounds away but gets backdropped
over the top and out to the floor. Big E. hits his clotheslines and
the belly to belly followed by the Warrior Splash. Lana comes out
for a distraction before the Big Ending, allowing Swagger to boot Big
E.’s head off. Colter yells at Lana to get rid of her, but the Vader
Bomb is countered with the Big Ending for the pin at 2:57. Colter
yelling at Lana could lead to something, but so much for the ANGRY
Swagger push.
vs. Alicia Fox
slaps her and nails some clotheslines to start before a snap suplex
gets two. The release spinebuster gets two more but Fox comes back
with her northern lights suplex. We hit the chinlock on Aksana
followed by something like a snap Fameasser to a kneeling Aksana for
the pin at 2:25.
Raw ReBound looks at Rollins’ explanation.
in the Bank Qualifying Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose
a brawl to start until Dean hits a cross body for two. He rakes
Bray’s eyes across the ropes and hits his dropkick against the ropes
to knock Bray outside. Ambrose dives over the top rope but gets
caught in a release Rock Bottom against the apron. Back from a break
with Bray working over the arm.
escapes the suplex slam though and hits a DDT to get a breather. The
bad arm is sent into the post though and Bray gets two off some
headbutts. Off to a nerve hold but Bray misses the running
backsplash. Dean goes to the apron but sends Bray into the buckle
with one good arm. After fighting off a superplex attempt, Dean
jumps into the release Rock Bottom but elbows his way out again.
knocks him into the ropes but Dean bounces off the ropes with a
clothesline for two. Ambrose says bring it on and charges at Wyatt
in the corner. Bray goes outside but gets taken down by a running
suicide dive. Back in and Dean hits his missile dropkick for two but
the bulldog driver is easily broken up. Wyatt hits his running cross
body but the suplex slam is countered into a small package. Now the
bulldog driver connects but Seth Rollins is on the announcers’ table.
Dean goes after him but Seth goes into the ring, sending Dean into
Sister Abigail for the pin at 14:22.
B. This was getting good but it
never hit that top level. I’m not wild on Bray wanting to be World
Champion as he comes off more like a 1992 Cactus Jack, where he
should only care about causing chaos rather than being champion.
It’s an interesting idea though and Bray being champion wouldn’t be a
stretch at this point.
C+. This was your run
of the mill Smackdown: the long matches were good enough, nothing was
too terrible and there’s absolutely nothing that you need to see here
at all. If you have nothing else to do, Smackdown isn’t the worst
way to spend two hours, but you’d be better off throwing on an old
show on the Network. That could be the same reaction to the show
every week anymore.
Reigns b. Bad News Barrett via DQ when 3MB interfered
Rowan b. Jey Uso – Side slam
Dallas b. R-Truth – Bodog
b. Sheamus – Small package
Rose b. Fandango – Party Foul
E. b. Jack Swagger – Big Ending
Fox b. Aksana – Fameasser
Wyatt b. Dean Ambrose – Sister Abigail
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