Loss, and dealing with it

Hey everyone.

What a draining week this has been.

The loss of a BoD member was a very sad thing. If there’s one small positive to come out of this tragedy, it was the sense of camoradery (sp?) shared by the users of this blog.

There was a real sense of community and was such a reminder as to what’s important in life, and how nothing is a gaurentee.

Anyway, so some of you may know of the hellish month or so i’ve had in my relationship with my girlfriend.

I have been with her four years, long distance, but plans to move together. Actually met through wrestling. I used to backyard (well, it was a little more professionally run – properly booked shows, angles, in a hall), and met many new people. Long and short of it was she was one of those people. I saw her and thought ‘totally out of my league’, and proceeded to just have tons of fun with my friends who I didn’t get to see as often as I liked.

She ended up falling for me, and the rest was history.

Then, just over a month ago, one of her four younger brothers committed suicide, and it changed everything.

I went to the funeral, and she just wasn’t ever the same with me again. I’ve never felt so impotent and useless. I kept being told ‘she needs you right now’, yet the only sollace she’d get was from her family, and she seemed to resent our relationship more and more by the day.

 She called today to end things.

I’m devastated. I know this isn’t ‘the place’ to do this, but the showing of friendship and family here yesterday was very heartening.

Would be nice to hear some stories from you guys, and perhaps some advice. Not just for me, but for any other BoD’ers who are perhaps feeling the strains of life, and/or suffered some form of loss.

I just find it difficult to imagine being with someone else. I’m a 27 year old total oddball (which, I guess we all are to a certain degree). Just strange s---.

Take care, all.