Two questions.

Scott, two questions that occurred to me:

1.) With Meltzer's observation on Adam Rose that Brian posted today, I'm wondering, why is there a massive disconnect for talent when they get called up from NXT? The Shield and Cesaro did fine for themselves, and it's too early to make a call on Bo Dallas, but the Wyatt Family has been stuck in a death feud with Cena after a promising start, Emma is stuck being Santino's girlfriend, Paige kind of looks like a joke, they're not high on Adam Rose at this point and I couldn't even begin to guess why Xavier Woods was even called up. As much as I'd love to see Kalisto or Sami Zayn on Raw, I'm kind of worried about their chances at this point.

2.) A couple years ago I asked you about the state of women's wrestling (and used you as an authoritative source if that's something you'd be happy about), and with the recent string of amazing women's matches on NXT, I was curious as to whether or not we might be seeing the state of women's wrestling improving. It's obvious Vince still thinks it's a joke, and NXT is clearly a place where the women need longer matches to learn and develop, but after two show-stealing matches on NXT's big shows, does this maybe mean that HHH actually might want to DO something with women's wrestling, or am I delusional?

Thank you in advance,

Mark B.

​You Lee Marshall-ed me?  
1.  Adam Rose was a case where the guy in the role isn't great in the ring to say the least and wasn't developing any further in his old gimmick, so I think they just got caught up in the excitement at him actually getting over and then sent him up. That being said, he was literally only on NXT twice with the Rose gimmick before they brought him in, and both times they tweaked aspects of the entrance.  So really it never even had a chance to mature before the audience that it was intended for in the first place.  He's too old to keep hanging around developmental, so when they inevitably pull the plug on him on RAW that will likely be all for the character and the person, unfortunately.  But hey, they tried.  In the other cases, the disconnect is more between NXT's bookers and the soap opera writers of the main roster who don't understand how to get anyone over unless it's a Vince pet project like Roman Reigns.  They're almost better off going back to the old OVW system of developing guys as generic wrestlers down there and then letting the monkeys in creative come up with the gimmicks when they're called up, rather than spending a year honing a character like Paige and then doing everything the complete opposite when she gets to the main roster.  ​

​2.  Charlotte is a total freak of nature in a good way, but I wouldn't get too excited about the state of women's wrestling just yet.  ​