Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Here is a sampling of what went down at PTBN this week!

Featured Pieces

Russell Sellers looks at the leaked tentative schedule for Warner Bros.’ upcoming comic movies:  Rumor Control: Warner Bros. DC Comics film slate

Our Movies of the P2B Generation series rolled on through 1979: Movies of P2B Generation

Todd Gessling put together an in depth preview of the US Men’s National Team: World Cup 2014: United States Men’s National Team


Steve & Glenn look at the news of the week, including WWE’s releases & TNA Slammiversary: The High Spot: WWE Releases, TNA Wishes, Daniel Bryan Dreams, and the Top Stories of the Week

Ben Morse assembled his All Time May PPV card: The All-Time May PPV Card

Roger Morrissette returned to the classroom to look at Clash of the Champion I: The Cowboy Goes to Class – Clash of the Champions I


Jeremy Nichols recapped an eventful 2014 E3 Convention: PTBN’s E3 2014 Report

Maurice Pogue discussed DotA(2): I Wish I Knew How to Quit You: Confessions of a Video Game Addict [on DotA (2)]


Kevin Kelly welcomed in Bobby Fish and also talked Daniel Bryan, the Shield, the NBA Finals, World Cup and once again visited the Sleaze Thread: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 11 – Featuring Bobby Fish

Steve Corino chatted with Allison Danger in addition to discussing Money in the Bank, Disney movies and more: The Steve Corino Show Episode 8 – Allison Danger

Scott & Justin relived SummerSlam 2002: Place to Be Podcast Episode 316: SummerSlam 2002

Graham Cawthon joined the Main Event crew to wrap up Payback, discuss the WWE announcer situation and break down the NXT roster: PTBN’s Main Event Episode Eleven – Announcers, Money in the Bank & NXT