Chael Sonnen fails drug test, off UFC 175

Sonnen fails drug test, out of UFC 175 bout

UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen has failed a random drug test and will not fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 175 on July 5.
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Wow. Talk about a card that's had its deck shuffled more times than an all-night poker session. And I can't imagine Chael escaping this one unscathed.

What a fuckup.

​The funny thing is that Chael was looking like the good soldier after all the stupidity with Wanderlei went down, and now he looks like an even bigger clown.  
But let's face facts, there's no way Vitor Belfort was getting cleared for that fight without having Ronda Rousey pee in a bottle for him.  So the whole thing was pretty much doomed from the get go.  
If this was wrestling, it'd be a hell of an angle, though.​