Question: why does Ricky Steamboat not have the same love for the WM3 Savage match everyone else seems to have? I recently listened to the Austin podcast with Regal, and they alluded to this. I feel like I've heard this before, but no explanation. It may be so personal to Ricky, no one outside of the business knows. 

Thanks, and tell your daughter she's one tough kid!


​I expect her to make a miraculous return to the Royal Rumble 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  
As for Ricky, the issue was more with Regal not liking the match because he's a person who believes very strongly in the art of working a match as it happens, whereas Steamboat and Savage literally sat there and planned out the match move by move.  Regal and Austin strongly disagree with that philosophy, and so watching that match as professionals would be a very different thing for them than for us.  ​