Finally saw X-Men last night because apparently dealing with a toddler's broken leg is more important to my wife than going to the movies for some crazy reason.  Some people are so selfish.  Anyway, despite being 7 movies into the series now, this is definitely my second-favorite after X2.  Strong plot, high stakes, and Michael Fassbender is BADASS as Magneto, really capturing the effortless amount of power that the character displays in the comics.  Well, not in the comics at this moment, but traditionally.  Also, how hilarious is it that X3 was so terrible that they had to send Wolverine 50 years into the past to stop Brett Ratner from making it?  Fare thee well, old X-Men cast!  Uh, not you, Hugh Jackman, you've still got 15 more movies on your contract.  Also, I'm glad that Fox is at least making worthwhile movies while staving off the Marvel Studios juggernaut's attempts to get the characters back, unlike Amazing Spider-Man 2 which literally had no reason to exist.  Also, a whole movie about Quicksilver would have been tremendous.