Random Questions for the Master

1. Roman Reigns, what's the deal? Nothing against the guy at all, he isn't as annoying as most newbie's. But why has WWE appointed him the next super duper star? He isn't really much bigger than Ambrose or bunch of other new guys. Nor is he yet that great in the ring. Is it his "look"?
2. More and more, general crowds seem smarter and smarter. I love how it seemed SO many people noticed and complained about Bryan's backing down from Kane on RAW a few weeks ago. Having said all that, why does WWE like to piss in my Corn Flakes?
3. Have you seen the Miz in the Marine movie? Why do you suppose that movie was made? They have to know it isn't watchable. I mean, it's beyond obvious no one could enjoy that trash. Speaking of the Miz. His ring work never makes sense. Why is he allowed to wrestle despite s--- match after s--- match?
Thank you
​1.  He's got the look, the family connections, and he can sing "I'm a little teapot" with his daughter.  What more do you need?  
2.  ​Were you in a prominent position with the company in the 90s before jumping to WCW for more money?  Because that one seems to hit a nerve with Vince pretty frequently.
3.  Look, I'm not here to make judgments, but clearly you're in love with the man and I don't want to be a part of any weird stalker incidents.  You're just going to have to accept that Miz belongs to everyone.