Heyman – TNA

I was reading through the TNA LOL wiki page thing when I came across this:

  • Paul Heyman was in talks with TNA to join the company. However, he wanted full control of the company aspects, and wanted to get rid of all the veterans aside from one guy to stand out (if you're over 40 I'll rip your f------ head off) while building a younger, talented roster. Spike TV were fine with it, TNA was fine with it, but Dixie Carter was not due to her loyalty to these veterans as well as people who would be fired such as Vince Russo. The deal fell apart and TNA continued to go backwards instead of forwards.
    • Heyman later let slip that he would've tried to steal Daniel Bryan Danielson away from WWE after Tiegate happened and build him up as an unstoppable submission machine for an eventual match with Kurt Angle. Your inner mark is now weeping for what might've been."

Great read and I feel far less sympathetic to TNA in general now. http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=LOLTNA_History

White Thunder

​Careful, don't talk too much s--- about TNA here or people might accuse me of being BIASED against them.  
I've heard the Heyman story before, and I feel like it wouldn't have helped by the time they were trying to bring him in.  Really, once they switched from Scott D'Amore to Vince Russo they were going down a bad road.  ​