Did “Main Events” die with the Monday Night Wars?

Hi Scott,

A comment in the Smackdown review about Rollins "not being able to main event" got me thinking about when the shows (including PPVs) moved away from the traditional main event.  I don't know a ton about the quarterly ratings but there used to be a lot of talk about popping a rating when RAW and Nitro were going head to head and I guess it made sense.  For a long time now it seems that what would normally be considered your main event on a given TV show can be found anywhere on the card and the traditional main event slot is used as much for interviews and progressing story lines as it is for actual wrestling.  Not to mention Wrestlemania usually advertising about five co-main events lately…  Thoughts?

​I agree that "main eventers" have certainly become a diluted concept in the past few years, especially with two World titles and 50/50 booking all over the shows.  When pretty much everyone but Cena and Orton go unprotected, no one becomes a true star.  It's part of the reason why house show business flattened out so much now that they basically only advertise the WWE brand and not specific matches.  In fact, I just a had a dream last night where they finally came back to Saskatoon after 3 years and they just put up a big screen in the middle and did video packages and skits instead of matches.  That might not be far off from the truth in the future.  ​