Lightning Round: Shitty Workers

Those last two lightning rounds were a little too easy. Try this one. Last great match for… 1) Kevin Nash Shawn Michaels, Good Friends Better Enemies.  2) Scott Hall Can’t think of anything post-Summerslam 95 off hand.  3) Yokozuna His title defense against Randy Savage on RAW in 94.  4) Earthquake I’ll have to get back to you on that one.  5) Jerry Lawler Bret at Summerslam 93.  6) Al Snow As others have noted, I forgot about the Benoit match in ECW.  And, just out of mercy, a couple non-shitty workers (but hopefully still more challenging than “legend with an iconic Mania retirement match”)  7) Curt Hennig He had nothing going on in WCW, although his Flair series was pretty good, so maybe the World War III 98 one?  8) Rick Rude NWA tournament final against Masa Chono.  9) Sean Waltman I’ll go with one of the random light heavyweight title matches during the Invasion.  Say, Jeff Hardy?  10) Roddy Piper Bret Hart at WM8.