WWE Countdown – Top Ten Hottest Couples

Tonight’s episode of WWE Countdown, where “we list ’em, you rank ’em” rules, it’s the top ten hottest couple’s in WWE history.

This episode actually gets the disclaimer, it’s SOOOO HOT!! If you’re ready to have your face melted off with all the sex and power and possible eroticism, click READ MORE!

10. Goldust & Marlena – Goldust spent some time psyching out his opponents with his deviant tendencies before Marlena, his real life wife Terri Runnells, was brought in. Late ’97, they were split up onscreen, before breaking up for good not long after that.

9. Edge & Vickie Guerrero – The story is that Edge was an opportunist, and we could all see that he was just using Vickie for her power. When they split up onscreen, Vickie made Edge’s life hell, but it didn’t make her a sympathetic character.

8. King Booker & Queen Sharmell – I didn’t watch during this period, but King Bookah appeared to be a fun character. Queen Sharmell appeared to be annoying, however, with her “All Hail King Bookah!”

7. Marc Mero & Sable – real life husband and wife, zero chemistry onscreen. Go figure. This is a case where the female of the couple became much bigger than her male counterpart.

6. Mark Henry & Mae Young – Yes, they went there. It was all in good fun, and brought us some memorable moments. It also brought us to vomit.

5. Billy & Chuck – Yes, they also went here. The ambiguously gay duo who weren’t really gay but were playing gay for a publicity stunt. GLAAD still hasn’t gotten their gravy boat back.

4. Daniel Bryan & AJ Lee – Of all the possible AJ combinations, they went with this one. This, of course, brought us the “18 seconds” angle, and the beginning of crazy AJ. I will give you all a few moments of privacy before continuing.
3. Randy Savage & Elizabeth – Not #1 in this house! Probably the most famous couple in wrestling history, and as far as true life goes, one of the more tragic. Neither is in the Hall of Fame, and that is also tragic, so to speak, as far as kayfabe Halls of Fame go.

2. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon – I’m surprised it wasn’t rigged to be #1. Of course, it sprouted from one of the more entertaining wrestling weddings, and began an awesome era of wrestling storylines and matches. It also endures to this day.

1. Edge & Lita – A matchup brought about by a true backstage story. Lita is with Matt Hardy, she cheats on Matt with Edge, Matt gets fired, Matt is re-hired because the brass see money in the feud, the feud sucks, but Edge & Lita brought some raunchy TV moments, including the “live sex” celebration. Also, they were gross.

One of the weaker countdowns, from a show that fails to compile any true compelling lists. Rehashing a few of these brought back some clips of funny moments in the case of Mae and Henry and even Billy & Chuck. There were really only two or three truly impactful onscreen couples, so there was plenty of filler here.

NEXT WEEK: Top Ten Trash Talkers.