QOTD 171: Hot Starts

 Today we have a request. We talked about inventive / hot finishes the other day, so today lets talk about the creative ways matches have started.


What are your favorite hot starts in pro wrestling history / most inventive opening maneuvers?

Anytime wrestlers start with a chop battle is hella cool,
though someone posted a Japanese match where it was essentially two
people hitting each other as hard as they could for 15 minutes and it
struck me kinda blah.

Sheamus v. Cesaro wasn’t bad this past Sunday and I liked how they essentially just ran at each other full force, opening-of-the-x-men-cartoon style.

I’m not sure if it counts as a ‘hot’ start, but I’m of the mind that the opening to Cena v. Brock was one of the more creative openings in recent memory, with Cena essentially getting slapped around like me in a movie review post. The whole match just had an entirely different vibe, and when Brock took that tumble over the top rope it was one of those strange organic moments that added to the mystique of the match. 

What say you, Otters?

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