The Best of Al Snow

…you know, because Mick jokes that there is no such thing.
But seriously, what would you say his best match was? The hardcore match against Foley that ended with the "wrong dressing room" trick sticks out for me, but I could be wrong. While we're at it, how about… Raven? Taz(z)? Sandman? Candido? Lance Storm? What a great series of questions to ask a guy who didn't like ECW all that much, huh?
​Oh yeah, terrific.
Snow had lots of good matches in his pre-WWF days, but once he actually got to the bigtime it seemed like injuries piled up on him and his style changed drastically.  I really liked his stuff during the New Rockers era, for example.  I honestly can't think of anything specific that broke ***, though.  
Raven's best match was obviously the Raven/Richards v. Pitbulls tag match, with his best singles match being the Benoit match at Souled Out 98.  I also really liked the Jericho match at Halloween Havoc 98 and the first blowoff with Jeff Jarrett on the weekly TNA PPV.
Taz's best would probably be the Bam Bam Bigelow one everyone loves.
Sandman probably had a good tag match in there somewhere.  
Candido, no clue, he was just a guy most of the time to me.
Storm's would be the Thrillseekers v. Heavenly Bodies bloodbath from SMW.  As a single his opener with Edge at Summerslam 2001 was pretty good.  ​