Kofi… WM main eventer?

Scott, reading the Sandow/Cody post earlier and watching Kofi get squashed by Kane again got me thinking of when I had Kofi pegged as a main eventer.
Fall of 09 Kofi is in a pretty high profile feud with Randy Orton and Legacy.  At Survivor Series 2009 he's down 2-1 against Punk and Orton and cleanly beats BOTH.  He gets the huge MSG beat down on Randy complete with table breaking leg drop.  They have a good/not great match at TLC where Randy wins.  I would've bet the story was going that a down and out Kofi wins the Rumble, Orton wins the title from a green Sheamus at the Rumble or Chamber and the rematch sees Kofi win the big one at Wrestlemania.  With Shawn/Taker II, Cena/Batista, and Bret's comeback Kofi could've easily gotten a high end main event push without it looking ridiculous.
 He ended up getting 3 minutes in the Rumble match, a shot in the Chamber, losing of course, and was kinda thrown in last minute to MITB last minute never to sniff main event level again.  Was this yet another example of Vince losing interest and is that excuse becoming the new "because WCW"?

The deal with Kofi was more that Orton got in Vince's ear and convinced him that he wasn't a main event guy after the "stupid stupid stupid" incident.  But yes, Vince could have certainly repushed him after things blew off, and by then he had seemingly lost interest and moved onto something else.  To be fair, Kofi has never been the kind of guy to step up and force his way to the next level, and he's always seemingly been content to float around in the midcard and play videogames with Punk.