Triple H/Vince McMahon

"There was a meeting called by Triple H before this past Monday’s RAW in Knoxville, TN. Triple H reportedly expressed his desire for RAW and SmackDown to have “more of a flow from top to bottom.”

There are concerns within WWE that people aren’t subscribing to the WWE Network because the product on TV isn’t good enough, which can be largely attributed to lack of flow, storylines being forgotten or outright dropped. One source pointed to Triple H and Vince McMahon having “different visions” and the ideas of the two clashing. It’s said that going into the summer, Triple H really wants more focus placed on under-card programs as a way to help build up the mid-card." 
Thoughts? Do you think Triple H is trying to make the product better but Vince is in the way? If HHH was giving creative control 100% do you think we would see an elevation of the overall product? Do you think Vince would ever give Triple H the chance to do so while he's still alive? Thanks.

Well NXT is quite clearly HHH's baby and it's the bomb as long as the writers aren't trying to "improve" it.  The main issue with WWE is the writing process and people who don't understand how to draw money crafting "stories" instead of feuds and angles.  Vince and/or HHH can only do so much on their own.   Personally I would happily watch nothing but NXT now that I get the weekly TV format with quarterly PPV payoffs.  That's the way WE LIKED IT, consarnit!