Hi Scott, the talk the other day about potential MITB winners got me thinking about Sandow. Was there ever a plan for him with the briefcase as far as you know?

I remember the match itself and the crowd was hot for Cody Rhodes, so the post MITB angle was right there. I was fine with Sandow winning as it should have elevated him and Rhodes but they blew it immediately. All the build up to MITB was them both saying the best man will win and Sandow won it fair and square. But the announcers called it as if Sandow had screwed over Rhodes. She he clearly hadn't. So Rhodes came across as a whiny sore loser who kept cheap shotting Sandow but we're supposed to be booing Sandow?

That killed his MITB reign dead in the water for me, and he never looked like a remote threat to the champ at any point in time. Plus we never even saw anything from him after becoming the second cash in loser. No reaction, no attempt to rebuild, nothing. Just back to being the go to jobber.

So what was the point of giving him the briefcase? It's not as though he didn't run with the ball and fail, because he never really got given the ball. Is it literally just another case of Vince deciding something on a whim then losing interest a week later?


​Yup, pretty much.  The idea seemed to be giving it to Sandow so that Cody could beat him for it at Summerslam, but they got sidetracked with the Rhodes Brothers stuff and plans changed.  And then they were left with Sandow and a briefcase that they didn't want him to cash in.  Ironically, they killed off Cody as well, so everyone's a winner!  ​