How wrestlers are paid

As the business has changed over the last 20-30 years, I was wondering what insight you had on a breakdown of how an average wrestler is paid.  In the 80's when the NWA was running 350 shows a year, it made sense for Flair to wrestle every night because I assume that 90% of his salary was made from live gate revenue.   However, in today's era it seems like there's a slew of factors that are involved, from merchandise to PPV/Network revenue cut, etc, to where the equation isn't simple any more.

So what is the breakdown (estimated of course) for an average wrestler in terms of percentages from house shows, TV, PPV, merchandise and any other factors I didn't list, and is there still a downside guarantee for them to be paid no matter what (I assume Yoshi Tatsu doesn't work for bits of string).
​Dude, even the WRESTLERS don't know how they're getting paid anymore.  That's why CM Punk left!  Basically they get a downside guarantee and a cut of merch, but the rest is entirely at the whim of Vince McMahon and bears no relation to position on the card or drawing power or anything like that.  ​