Idea for the title that may have already been thought about

I'll admit to not being much of a dirt sheet reader so I'm not sure if this idea has been considered.

Anyhow you have a guy of Bryan's choosing be able to defend the title for him. As months go on this guy gets even more attached to the belt. Thinks of himself as the actual champion. One Raw Bryan returns to take his title back. As he goes to take it back, he's blind sided with a shot right to the head. Boom, insta feud.

Either way as long as I get Bryan vs Lesnar next mania, and Cena challenging for Taker's streak I'll be happy (What, they actually threw away the streak before doing one of the last true main event matches they still had? Well Vince deserves losing all that money now.)

​You know you just described Stevie Ray stealing the TV title from Booker T, right?  Although in that instance WCW kind of forgot that he was supposed to be the "fake" champion after a while and just had him defend it for real.  ​