My Kingdom for a Plug!

Hi Scott,

PhilippeTCA from the blog here. I wondered if you do me the tremendous honor of plugging my very first Kindle e-book. A sci-fi epic called When the Ice Breaks. Here is the description as I wrote it for Amazon.

"Inspired by the saga of King Henry IV and V by William Shakespeare, this book is alive with escapades and action, comedy and tragedy and wonderful technology set around the many moons of Jupiter.
Eric Wen-Cai has a good life working for Captain Michael Miranda. The boisterous and often drunken captain has given Eric and the crew of the Archangel access to all of the temptations of youth one can find around the great gas giant.
However, Eric’s father is the King of Europa, and such a royal lineage does not come without a price to pay. When a rebellion is imminent, the king will do anything he can to make an ally of his wandering son."
The book is $2.99, though there are sales which knock it down and I believe it's actually free for people with Amazon Prime.


Thanks so much! Philippe