Forever Evil and More

I'm not sure if you stuck it out or not, but Forever Evil finally limped to a close last week.  Seems like it took 3 years.  As usual for Johns, started off really cool and then totally lost its way and spread out into like 13 titles and became a big old mess.  I was totally ready to just get the final issue, the follow-up JL issue and then take a break from Johns for a good long while.  But then he did what he always does.  He throws in a last page that makes me excited about where he's going again.  Its quite aggravating.  Did you stick with it the whole way through?  What did you think?
I also have no idea what's going on at Marvel now.  The two best books that they have, hawkeye and superior foes of spider-man, haven't moved the storyline along in a year and six months respectively.  Its to the point where I forget the even exist anymore.  At least DC actually keeps people reasonably on schedule (except Sandman, but what can you do about that?)

​Yeah, I stuck it out with Forever Evil, and it was pretty satisfying.  I'm pretty intrigued with where they're going with Lex Luthor, but this whole Future's End nonsense is doing nothing for me.  Justice League #30 was really fun, though.  
I also have no clue what's going on with Hawkeye.  The title has been spinning its wheels for months now and Hawkeye himself seems to have been transplanted into the Hawkeye-wannabe series Secret Avengers.  Black Widow seems to be replacing that vibe a bit, too.  It's really frustrating because they were supposed to be alternating Aja's Barton issues with the Kate Bishop ones to keep the trains running on time, and it seems like they're both late.  Marvel at least has a lot of good stuff that goes on time to fill the void for me.  
As for Superior Foes, I'm pretty sure it's been canned.  Either that or they're relaunching it as something else, but Team-Up is definitely done.  ​I feel like they should thin the X-Men herd a LOT before the Spider books, but apparently it's drastically important to have all those different teams starring Wolverine in play.  I used to love All New X-Men and it's just going totally off the rails lately with the whole confusing "people switching teams" mess and multiple future versions of the X-Men running around and stuff.