Bobby Hennan, Hulk’s bod, and comics

Pretty much the best subject line ever am I right.

I've been going through a lot of Flair stuff on the Network, late 80's Steamboat, Funk, and Sting, and now back into WWF era Flair with Hennan on color. Hennan doing color on Flair matches has got to be some of the most amazing heel commentary I've ever heard. He is so intense and so real during those matches that you could almost believe that he and Flair have been friends for decades and it's the end of his world if Flair loses. Even at the end of Flair/Macho you can see Heenan in the locker room inconsolable, biting that towe.

1. Why don't we see more of that heel color commentary/bff/relationship between wrestlers/commentators/managers? I guess JBL is kind of a heel but he does that goofy laugh to often for me to care. (Something lame happens on-screen that WWE thinks is great ->"HaHA yea this is great Michael Cole!" etc etc) The King was pretty great in his day, I think, as a heel commentator. 

Also, in that era with Flair/Macho Hogan/Sid, I'm struck by how obviously different Hogan looks physique-wise in just a phew short years. He looks so short and pudgy against Sid, and fast forward to his later years in WWF and then WCW, he looks so skinny and tall. 

2. Were his physique changes during this time-frame so obviously the steroids? I remember you saying recently he needed to take time off around this time-frame due to the trial. Were people at the time that clued into steroids to even care? Or did they just not notice that he looks like a different dude?

3. Also not a question, but we're doing another 20 days of free comics if you're so inclined. Dug Forever Evil, and shockingly really am digging Superman:Doomed. Soule and Pak can write like whoa.


​1.  I really thought JBL had the potential to go old school heel commentator for a while there, but now everything is just "LOOK AT THAT, MAGGLE COLE!" and the fake laughing and s---.  I can barely even figure out what they're going for with the commentary anymore.  The Heenan-Flair relationship is also mirrored by Jesse Ventura and Rick Rude when you're watching the old Clashes with them, as he's clearing cheering for Rude and knows his stuff inside-out.  
2.  Oh, people noticed.  Hogan going on Arsenio Hall and claiming that he only did steroids "once" was the biggest joke in the industry.
3.  I love free comics!  Not a huge fan of the new Comixology app, as I believe I've mentioned before, but that's hardly your fault.  ​