Japanese pro wrestling

Scott, I've been a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, but I've never really strayed from the American product. I'd love to try some rasslin' from the Land of the Rising Sun, and would like advice from you as to where to start. Promotion(s)? Match(es)? Wrestler(s)?

Thanks, Scott!

​Well the thing is that New Japan isn't what you'd call storyline based in any real way, or at least not in the way that we think about it, so really it's a case where you can just dive right in and watch something and see if you like the style.  If you want current product, New Japan is the place to go right now, and you've even got AJ Styles on top as the champion and some other guys like Bulldog Jr. and Karl Anderson working a very American-ized style.  It's very easy to jump in, as long as you don't get hung up on the lack of English commentary.  I've posted a million Youtube clips on here with Tanahashi v. Okada and other great combos, so maybe just search the YouTubes for "New Japan Pro Wrestling" and dive in!  ​