QOTD 163: You like it! You Really Like It!

My buddy Todd is a cool cat. However one of the odd things about him is his esoteric interests having gone to Catholic school for most of his youth. As a result a lot of stuff our group of friends he grew up with, he has a tangential relationship with.

For example he’s over-the-moon for anything Aaron Sorkin has written, anddddd never saw The West Wing. So I showed him.

It was terrifying.

Have you ever shared something that’s ‘important’ to you with a friend and been terrified they may not like as much as you do? Are there any films, shows, books, or albums that you avoid sharing your passion for because you’re afraid others won’t ‘get it’?

In case you haven’t gathered from 162 QOTDS (and assorted MeekinOnMovies columns not about movies) The West Wing is more-or-less my Great American Novel. I started watching Junior Year in Highschool and by the time I finished the series I knew  1) I was going to go into a creative career field even if it killed me (so far it’s just bankrupted me and 2) The West Wing was the most personally important work of fiction I’d ever seen – a masterclass in everything *I* loved and wanted for entertainment.

Thus, showing it to my friend was intimidating. I didn’t want to keep asking if he ‘got it’, nor did I want to keep telling HOW GOOD IT WAS because I didn’t want to over-hype it. We watched the first couple of episodes on a bit of an astral plane, and I wasn’t sure if he liked it, or was just saying he liked it. Last night we stayed up until 4am powering through seven episodes in a row – so safe to say I’m good.

It reminded me of this PBS Special I saw with Martin Scorsese about how difficult it can be to explain the importance of a specific director, writer, or movie without sounding like a crazy person.

As an odd side-note I have no problem telling people I like Pro Wrestling, despite the fact you’d assume such fandom would get me more eye-rolls and smirks than a love of The West Wing would. Oddlier The West Wing gets more puzzled looks. Strange.

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