QOTD 161: Crystal Clear Memories

The cat you see to the left is named after K-fed. Specifically the time K-fed appeared on Raw. The cat’s name? “Po-po-popo-Patchwork”. Watching Raw, my sister and I kept repeating the “po-po-zow” stuff to each other, and to the cat, who would look back and forth between us confused by these funny human noises. She vanished less than a year later, much like K-Fed’s career.

Still, I remember a ton of details about that night, what I ate (Buffalo Wing Dorritos), what I was doing (not going to my professional speaking course), and the fact the house was rarely quiet for a Monday night. This was 8 years ago.

What are some of your personal favorite (or not favorite)
wrestling moments where you can remember distinctly where you were, what
you were doing, how you were feeling, and so on?
Has a non-fan ruined a great moment by being negative about the whole expierence? Are
there big moments you remember watching but have a hard time
remembering? Small ones you remember perfectly despite their

The one moment I remember the most clearly:  what I
was doing, who I was with, and how I was feeling? A slice of time where my wrestling fandom and real-life relationships
intersected in strange, some would say beautiful way?

 My Dad liked the Katie Vick angle.

I normally watch Raw in my bedroom to avoid any and all comments from the peanut gallery, but for whatever reason I was watching Raw on the “Big TV” when my dad came upstairs from the cellar and sat down on the couch as Raw was on.

This gives me immense anxiety. Dad previously bore witness to the PPV where everyone was promised The Kat would take off her lady-clothes, and instead were greeted with the late Mae Young’s Bassett Hounds. He always seemed to catch Chyna’s obsession with Nut Shots, and found the Jericho vs. Chyna feud “stupid” even though he marveled at Chyna’s muscles. He also had a habit of interrupting Wrestlemania main events with “They’re not even hitting each other!” – specifically Wrestlemania 17.

So as Katie Vick unfolded in-front of my bewildered eyes I awaited disgust from my dad as Triple H did his triple, mounted the coffin, and ultimately produced grocery store meat to represent the brains he borked out of a dead cheerleader.

Dad would not stop laughing. He thought the whole thing was a riot, from the stupid mask Triple H wore, to the idea of mounting someone in a funeral home – he loved it. He even slapped my knee laughing the way he normally reserves for Golden Girls re-runs and his monthly re-watches of “All of Me” and “The Birdcage”.

I remember so many little details of that night – New TV, I didn’t have school the next day so I could watch all of Raw, and with my Dad downstairs I figured I’d be able to enjoy Raw in peace. I didn’t get too, but at least my Dad seemed to enjoy himself.

If you want more insight into my Dad’s thoughts on pro-wrestling, seriously consider mental help. Or click here 

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