Quick Hit Questions

1.    Will Sting headline the WWE Hall of Fame at some point?  My thought process is that Vince probably legitimately thinks nobody knows who Sting is, not only because he's old but primarily because he never performed for WWE, therefore he's not an adequate headliner.  I don't think (no research done here) the headliner has ever been someone who never performed for Vince or his dad.  So, my guess would be no.

2.    If WWE signed a talent like Eric Young or Bobby Roode, would they first be sent to NXT?  My guess is yes, as their name recognition alone would not draw any new eyes to WWE programming, or so the WWE higher-ups would believe.  They would be seen as guys who need to be re-packaged and re-trained for WWE TV.

​1.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's gonna be the headliner next year.  While he never performed in WWE, he's been all over the WCW stuff they've been pumping out for years now.  That should be enough to justify it.
2.  Yes, they would, which is why they're never going to sign.  There's no real motivation for a 30-something guy from TNA to go through developmental for years instead of making that money on the indy scene and controlling their own merchandise instead.  I think Punk is gonna be the last high-level indy guy you see taking that shot, as WWE has OODLES of guys in Florida they can train to be whatever they want.  ​