WWE/Vince question

Hi Scott. I'm no expert on the stock market, but do you think there's


actually a chance that Vince could be forced out as Chairman? And if
so what effect would this have on WWE as a whole? In fact what do you
think's going to happen regardless? Will they pull the plug on the
Network? Just wondering. Thanks in advance for the answers.


​As noted in the other thread, there's no chance that Vince can be ousted.  He holds 90% of the voting power.  The concern everyone has is that:
a)  A lot of people are going to take the fall for this, probably unjustly so.
b)  A distracted and stressed Vince generally means that the product will fall apart even more than it has lately.  
I'm pretty sure no one thinks that the company is going to implode over this (pretty sure) but as fans it might be rough going.  
And no, they can't pull the plug on the Network, because they've already all but pulled the plug on PPV and you can't put that toothpaste back into the tube.  If they kill the Network, they have no leverage left with the cable and satellite providers anyway.  ​