QOTD 158: Pastamania

To the left is an affront to God. It’s a Spicy Pepper Jack…bagel.

Bagel. With the Pepper Jack…goop on top instead of in the middle.

It costs 4 dollars.

It’s…really gross.

What’s the weirdest / grossest / strangest food you’ve tried? What’s your favorite pro-wrestling related food? 

Bonus: Have you ever had a KFC Double Down? How did the subsequent triple-bypass go? 

I had a wannabe European roommate back in the day who was obsessed with all things foodie – so he got me to try whatever it was Anthony Bourdain was going on about from week-to-week, including Foie gras, which tasted like a mashed up Slim Jim.


The only wrestling related food item I can remember eating was a strange ice cream sandwich on a stick with a drawing of The Rock on it. It was strange.  


I have had a KFC Double Down, and ya know what? I liked it. It helps it was part of a group of us deciding to just go and get them ironically, but regardless I couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of whatever pride I had left at the time shrink my arteries.

I also hosted a stupid-ass food show back in College (and it was bad) where I tried (or tried to try) all kinds of weird foods: See below as we try Ethiopian food (apologies for several jokes that, upon looking up various geopolitical facts about the country, are not true / not funny).