Lemelson Capital


With this Lemelson group buying in heavily to WWE amid yesterday's chaos, I was wondering about their immediate aggressiveness (demanding a board and/or owner change). Given how swiftly it all happened, do you suppose someone in Lemelson has an ax to grind with Vince? I'm not necessarily talking Bischoff or some other wrestling foe, but maybe an executive he's spurned or crossed in years past? Maybe it's because I'm no financial whiz, but the straightforwardness on their part (especially in suggesting Vince's removal) just seems a little pointed. 

​It would be a pretty normal wrestling storyline if they turned out to be Steve Austin buying up stock to get his revenge or something, but I don't think you can do that in real life.  Given I know nothing about financial stuff I have no real insight here, but I've read that their motivation seems to be deliberately devaluing the stock as much as possible so they can buy up all the available shares and then cash in when it inevitably creeps back up again.  This sounds like a thing that would happen on Wall Street.​